• At last a blueberry harvester that does not require a tractor. This self-propelled, walk-behind 5.5 horsepower harvester can harvest anywhere from one -2 acres per day depending on crop concentration.

  • The blueberry push cart is ideal for the smaller farm. The 20 inch wheels work well on most terrain and offer the user plenty of maneuvability while the 22” picking heads will harvest a wide swath of berries.

  • The blueberry hand rake has long been the main instrument used in harvesting blueberries. Ideal for the small farm, the hand rake has proven itself time and again.

  • The portable Blueberry Line Cleaner is designed for the small fresh berry market such as the roadside stands. The entire machine will fit onto a half-ton truck so it can move easily from location to location.


Welcome to our website. Acadian Machine Works is a manufacturing company located outside of Tignish, Prince Edward Island.  We have been crafting quality products since 1974.

Acadian Machine Works is a family run business located in a small community so we know how important a solid reputation is. And while we now do business with people from around the world we have not lost sight of  what has helped our company to become successful.  We believe two of these fundamental keys to success are building a quality product and having respect for your customers.

It is respect for our customer that our products do not carry proprietary design. The last thing a person needs to do when replacing a part is have to order it from the company and wait for it to be shipped.  Replacement parts for the majority of our products can be obtained at most hardware store.

I invite you to browse throughout the site and to check back for new additions. If you have any questions or custom request, please feel to contact us by any of the means on our “Contact Us” page.


James and Ann Doucette & Family

2014 Field Days Schedule

We will be attending the following field days this year. Please mark these dates on your calendar. We will be there to  demonstrate our cleaning line, self propelled  and possibly our new industrial tractor mounted blueberry harvester. We will also have a limited number of hand rakes and push carts available for sale.

Saturday July ??, 2014
PEI Blueberry Field Day

Friday, July ?? 2014
Quebec Field Day, Lac St. Jean

Saturday, July ??, 2014
New Brunswick Field Day. 

July ?? 2014
Nova Scotia Field Day will be held at 168 Dakota Road in Debert, NS.